Bot glitches in private match

Playing as predator in private matches the fireteam doesn’t move from their starting position nor do they react to you unless standing right in front of them…
Playing as the fireteam in private matches there is no predator bot at all…

In private matches if there aren’t any real player ft the bots don’t move at all

That’s not a glitch. I have the same issue, but the bots were meant to replace players who dropped out. But there is no bot for Pred, because I think Illfonic haven’t gotten around to it yet.

I enjoy the bots, but I just wish they were a bit better.

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You know I don’t think we ever got word if it WAS or WASNT a glitch. I’m still holding out hope that they just fucked up and will patch it. Because OldKingFartKnocker hasn’t replied on whether the dev team would really be that fucking stupid as to implement bots that don’t move on their own or not

They couldn’t give the pred aim bot , could you imagine the fireteam tears?

Oh God, that sounds like hell.

Well for me this is “fixed.”

Now if you’re in a private match solo as predator the AI run right to you regardless of stealth or being in a tree. They’ll just circle underneat your tree forever if you’re cloaked, and you cannot escape them. You may as well be flying under a balloon with an arrow that says “PREDATOR IS HERE” XD