Bot Players

Or ranked matches cuz I’m tired of potatoes! Anyway so cool thing if we had bot players

  • They can be our load outs we select
  • Able to use the DLC characters
  • Can be used for story mode in the future with no team dialogue just text objective cutscenes like the tutorial! (Or Zeus telling us what we need to do, I’m game for whatever)
  • Can play offline matches for practice for potatoes! (Optional Predator bot where he shoots from a distance and gets close when you interact with the objectives annoying the hell out of you doing tons of damage lol)


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The bots would be worse than potatoes.

Have you seen the AI try to walk to alarms?

Right. Seeing those AIs moonwalking away from me while i try to shoot them, really pisses me off…

Better then potatoes all running around 2 mins in and Predator player kills them all and I’m left standing and without support die in next second and same for Predator it’s to easy picking off players who aren’t paying attention in the game

Live bait is always better

If that’s the case

Who’s on top of the food chain now bits

Being challenged then having fun is far worse which led to a lot of games dying that’s why we need bots look at the video I put it up as a reference!

If you all come into this thread without watching the video and just put your comment in without hearing my argument…your toxic


Stargazer Fireteam: A counterpart to Voodoo where each member can be found out in the Jungle who deal damage on par with us. So it’s not just spraying and praying but more a legitimate threat that can fuck up FT’s who run off alone.

  • Assault which is an amped up PMC wielding an RP-103, they throw ACIG which risks exposing a careless Predator.

  • Recon is invisible using a Predator cloaking device or gauntlet only seen with the laser from it’s sniper rifle but the sniper hits hard and does DOT like the plasmacaster. It charges up meaning that regardless of it being Predator not, you need to keep watch. They’d spawn in trees but if Predator kills them they’d fall to the ground so they can get the skull.

  • Scout is a unit who roams the jungle, so not just limited to a single camp. They can appear anywhere. They can call in backup of PMC units of 3. They’d in my ideal scenario dual wield pistols or sub-machine guns.

  • Support uses a minigun and is only found in camps but can take an absolute beating. They’re damage sponges meant to frustrate and annoy. They can also spawn grunts on them to assist meaning they have to be taken out.

  • HADES is the Dutch or Zeus equivalent who is encountered rarely but is encountered via drone. The drone if spotting the player will call in an airstrike on 10 second intervals and will keep doing it until the drone is destroyed.

That way you have what is essentially glorified PMC but Predator has something to murder other than us and give FT much needed enemy variety by essentially creating mini-bosses.

You could even customize this in custom games where you can select each PMC to take on the appearance of another class. So you could take the support and in custom games make it Isabelle for example. So you could in theory hunt Dutch’s squad.


I love this idea and may make some players gear up for A.I killer Loadouts or at least relegate Support for that position, (might as well give Support a A.I targeting Bias for a Passive)

However, with how Predator can already take advantage of a A.I Army going ham on FT in certain missions, maybe have the A.I Leaders exert a level of control over the normal goons and have them prioritize Predator if Predator is detected during FT engagements.

So level of A.I Priority would be Predator Player >> Support/Dante Players >> All other Fireteam Members.





As much as I’d like this, and how many times I’ve asked, and considering the poor quality of AI bots currently, we aren’t going to get any purely offline content until the game’s lifespan ends.



This kind of bot?

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Ah yes let’s have a Spotter recon AI with aimbot, makes perfect sense.

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