Bots completely invisible

As the title says , totally not even on the screen and the only reason i knew they were there was due to them being tagged by thermal marking


Those bots are Noland while cloaked.
Deal with it.


Consider it dealt with 🧐👍🏻

Okay I’ve removed the bots, if you still see bots in game then you are a liar and an enemy of the state.


I had this happen once

I thought it was a player under the map

On airstrip at the outpost across from the runway (not the hangars)

Im sure This was backwater

Confirming. I was in multiple hunts today and bots were invisible. After talking to others that have also experienced this glitch, it seems like it has something to do with players leaving after being killed.

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I was hunting a new team with two bots on Wednesday. And for some freaking reason I wasn’t able to locate the last bot through thermal. Had to leave the match since I don’t wanted to wait 6 till the match ended as well as the real ft players had left themselves.
The bot was not findable no matter how often I use my target isolation.

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Not even after dying. If the leave by the time the match starts (after infil) the bot will be invisible

Documented this a week ago when the “Hot fix” dropped


The only reason I knew it was even there was because I must have had the previous player already marked , or else they would have blasted me when I dropped

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Do we have to wait another month for a fix?

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What’s another month compared to 10 months and waiting.

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A month and a half

10/26/21 is the next update

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Bro , they aren’t going to fix it , what gives you the impression they will? Look at the issues being reported for months and they fix almost nothing.

No hype , no fixes , just a paid skin and maybe some items they have all finished and ready to drop . They said that other game wouldn’t affect this ones work , do you really believe that? Go look over on the other forum , they have almost completely jumped ship.

Say what you want about aliens , they dropped an update on the Wednesday and it caused problems, they fix was out two days later . When was this game ever attended to with priority? Apart from its first four weeks maybe.

People don’t even realise the scam that was pulled on them , its a faulty product by definition.

If they don’t fix it within a time frame they need to compensate or refund you completely, and the skins? As soon as they sell you a skin like valk , then they lower her stats? Bro , that is 100% illegal . They cant sell a digital product and then alter it unless its to the same standard or improved . Trust me , I have all this for a fact , they are pulling illegal shit over fans

Sometimes they’ll work in a patch between DLC updates, but I guess 2.26 could count as that. I don’t even know if I really care any more. 🤷‍♂️

Nobody would blame you if you didn’t

I think I’ve played a lot of games that have adjusted the balance of DLC items.

Its actually illegal , I queried it . Under digital consumer laws in the EU it is illegal and classed as false advertising .

No idea about US but I would assume they are mostly the same with digital products