Bots not working

I cant change bots health ?

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Nope. Noob. Haha. Git gud.

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Bots not working cant change health what are you saying

What are You saying

What are you saying

What are you saying

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If you’re talking about helping out A.I with Health Kits, I don’t that’s a function in the game.

The rest of you are idiotic clowns.

No to change The health if fireteam to 10 procent

Lol u can’t change the bots health. Git gud nub

If you’re asking for the Bots to help you when you’re low health, while I can’t confirm if this works 100% of the time, use the In-Game Chat wheel (Up-Dpad on Playstation) to exclaim that you need Health or Ammo if you’re low on Ammo, and in theory the Bot should drop you a pack.

I saw A video on YouTube where you can change The health to 10 procent ?

What channel probably some nobody

And learn English 😂

If you understanding Then my english is not so bad this wont get any further yes one Guy could change that maybe you dont know anything with your big head

Ok, so I hope this translates well.

It can only be done in the private match function, under modifiers in category Fireteam. There you can change the percentage of health that the Fireteam Side, and as such the bot will have. Example: Set Fireteam Sode Health to 10 percent, bots will have 10 percent.

I hope this helps you.

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Dude why you so mean to these players. Just relax and let someone ask a question. Don’t be that one guy who has to rip into people. FYI if you make the wrong person upset you may end up in jail. It’d a federal crime too

I actually understood him.
He was asking about the private mode where you can use the modifiers to put the fireteams damage at 10% for the traditionalist trophy.

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This guy is a noob who doesn’t know how to play the game. I can eat his ass as much as I want

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