Pls fix that shit it’s unplayable when you get this fucking bug. It’s been 6 months and it’s still there , 99% of the forum utens have reported that cancer. I got this bug 6 times in a raw when I was playing private with friends. It’s so unfun to play predator because of this bug. Fix that shit now come on! If you dont fix that with the next update I am sure al lot of us will leave that game. @OldKingHamlet

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I don’t think anything will be fixed. Ever. Still getting blue screen even.

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They have to fix that cancer now!

U know what has been here since that time too…

The foking plasma charge triangle animation…

It does not shrink to smaller triangle when u charge ur plasma… it only shrinks in private or tutorial games…

Yesterday I was playing private and I got this bug with plasma too. It was on Derailed. I jump roof top I charged a full plasma shot and as soon as I released the mouse button it happened with the wrist blade attack. After that, I aimed once again and instead of aiming it instantly shot the plasma I have charged before. That shit should be fixed now Illfonic!