Illfonic make the bow shoot straighter and faster. I shoot bow and arrow and the pred literally has the same flight and distance i can shoot my compound with at 80lbs. The predator would prolly pull a bow back at a much higher poundage roughly in the 600lb area. With nano tech arrow shafts the projectile should go roughly 150M in under 1 sec going right through any human it touches. This would make epic bow shots and amazing footage for long range bow shots. I also think the combi stick needs a rework… its shit all around and head-shots should down targets. With the current state…fire-teams can easily pick their teammates up. One perk that should be implemented for predator is after 1 down the 2nd is death.


Realistic ballistics? In THIS game? You funny guy


Lol ya then give FT a armored bow perk lol 😂

sorry im trolling

Would make sense though.

Well, the thing about the bow, is that it was made by the Predators. This isn’t some human bow that they can just nock, draw, and loose all at once. This is a compound bow made by a race that lives to hunt. It’s heavier than a human compound bow, and the string tension needs to be higher so they don’t break it. Basically, imagine you’re using a compound bow IRL. You’re nocking an arrow, and you get ready to draw. You have trouble at first because the string is tauter than a normal bow string. When you spot your target (This could be a deer, a Boar. Hell, even a target post.) You loose the arrow, and it goes a lot faster and penetrates the target deeper. The Yautja Bow is basically that. If they made the draw speed faster, honestly, I think it would ruin the weapon.

A. Preds are stronger than humans. So while it may be stronger, the capacity of a predator is stronger as well.

B. That’s his point. Because the bow is stronger the arrow should be faster. You basically just help make his argument

C. Realism sucks. Seriously R.I.P cod, siege, literally any fighting game, literally any JRPG’s, FF sucks now. Monster Hunter is now worse than the star wars sequals, and turn based games…

Oh boy the amount of unrealistic things I could call out…

The speed could stay the same. In my opinion the bow should have a bit more damage because as you say it’s a more advanced compound bow from humans.

With Downrange the bow needs, depending on the class two to three shots to down one.

If one regular bow shot (uncharged) would do about 20% more damage, downrange could maybe be ditched for a better perk.

But then again bow is quite strong, so most would wine about it and it could get nerfed. And that is something I don’t would like to want.

If we’re gonna talk about realism (regarding a fictional character btw) then pred dies from one sniper shot…that’s realism for you.

You guys are so hilarious talking about realistic bow shots from a creature who isn’t real to begin with.

Not to mention this is a video game lmaooooo…

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At least OP makes a good point though

Make the bow a lot more fun

Which is something this game desperately needs

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I get the fun factor, would be cool.

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im not saying one shot kills. Im just saying make the bow and combi great again… ad the head shot modifiers back at least… they took those away.

Also make the bow hit more often.

It’s all about timing friends.

I’d welcome any change to this game at this point tbh…

we can make those shots all day… against a good ft… you wont get your shots off. nobody cares about those shots at all.

I mean… might not mean anything to you lol

I was pretty proud myself tbh.

ooo lol

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Why would you claim with a dude staring at the body REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Had enough health and wanted to rub a little dirt in their eye?!?!


Thas mean. I’m telling

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