Bowser being a great dad

Saw this video cuz it looked funny

Turned out to be incredibly wholesome

Sure it may be about parental controls for Nintendo switch but its adorable

the saltiness of this…jeebuz just make games one way and let them play it. Now you have to have permission from parents everytime? I guess when you’re letting kids paly at the ripe old age of 3 years Bowser years.

I feel that people who do not understand video games just need to stay out of the way.
If your kid is into them do NOT put that down! Show them the world of programing and scripting and encourage them to try making their own game.
Parents dont look at that as a potential serious skill for imagination or that playing video games could lead to a job down the road.

Its a shame that its not that simple least it was more easier in my day when flash was alive.

It would be easier if people who play & make games made the benefits of playing video games more public.