Bring back the reinforcement radio

Here’s why… the predator is forced to play strategically against a fireteam of 4 he has to wait and strike when its right. He has to be smart and use his gear in meaningful ways. The radio was removed because people thought it was unfair that he could find it and set traps to his advantage which is strategy. People thought this was unfair because they couldn’t be bothered to look and watch out for traps. They didn’t want to use the perk that was for this. So instead illfonic removed the radio until its needed and encourage mindless game play. The fireteam doesn’t need to be strategic at all yet giving them more of an advantage. Also making the perk for the fireteam unnecessary while making the bear trap less useful all at the same time. If people don’t want to use the sixth sense perk fine but why does the predator have to suffer because of this. Taking strategy away from the predator so the fireteam doesn’t have to be strategic seems really stupid.


I’m not sure if you’re new to the game or not, but that’s how this works. People whine about pred and so he gets fucked while FT gets buffed. Hence our current game situation.

Buff FT nerf pred


This game has been steered by people that:

  1. Don’t play the game at all.
  2. Whiney gamers that haven’t ever faced a challenge in their life
  3. Attempted to steer the game in a direction that benefits their gameplay style, instead of taking the time to learn the game.

This game has fallen victim to doing things and fixing things they “think” need addressing, due to how many people pester about said items.

Hopefully they will be able to listen to the core players that are genyinelly trying to help make their game a fun experience for all.


It’s pretty much brainless to trap the reinforcement area as well and when there’s only 1 Fireteam member left, you know exactly where they’re running to, hence why it was hidden but you can still find it after taking one player out, it’s just a slight nerf, but it’s also a slight nerf to premade as one cannot camp the reinforcements, however trapping pathways to the reinforcement is a bit more big brain as players expect the traps to be placed around the radio. And the sixth sense perk is useless anyway as you can practically hear the traps anyway.

Yeah I love how the traps make noise. Makes total sense. Love it.

I just don’t like the bear traps in general, too situational for my liking, if it was a snare trap on the other hand, or a grounded net which hung up players, then that would be more my style.


They should make bear traps not a destroyable object again

People complained. Apparently the buzzing and UFO bubble wasn’t enough to give it away. I think the main complaint was trapping reinforce. Waaaaa 😢

I was not aware you could find it after killing one guy. If so thats not bad. I know its not the best option but at least its an option. Predator needs more options that actually make a difference. I always use traps but have been finding them sort of lackluster even with the trapper perk.

Bear trap+net gun=fun. They should increase damage on both of these not to much. It would be interesting

I know. This game is just getting annoying. Really giving up on it…