Buff Beserker

Our poor thicc boi is in a bad way right now.

Beserker players should be able to grab a downed Fireteam member, jump up into the trees and take them somewhere to claim them😈


He should be able to do a flying elbow drop from the trees on downed FT


That also🤣👌🏼💯

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He should be able to slam you through a table.


He should be able to grab you and run you through a wall causing 50% damage.

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Seriously, Beserker needs a buff though for real😕

What about a melee attack that temporarily downs a FT? Like having a Netgun without actually having one

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Like a stun effect without the need for a weapon, sure. Even better, if you melee a Zerker he causes a stun effect regardless of weapon…and not that bullshit Warclub nonsense that doesn’t work, a true stun effect.

So a drop kick?

I also think the zerk should be able to summon a cage and he forces to have ladder match for the heavyweight wwe title.

@MassImpact124 what do you think?

Give zerk ability to parry? A shield perhaps?

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Lol I was thinking like a pimp slap or shoulder charge that would knock them down for a few seconds. Or a Sparta kick


Pimp slap, now that’s what I’m talking about. @Courier Make this happen ASAP😈

Backhand a FT and they fly back 10ft, if they hit a tree or wall then they take stun damage.

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I do rather wish that different Predators had actual defining abilities.

Berserker knockback would be awesome.

Scout with less sound/lighter footsteps or cloaked second wind.

Hunter no idea

Elder no idea

Samurai gets seppuku for instant honorable death on himself.


Nobody knows this…

…but I’m a FT main😏

Predator needs buffing, crybaby FTs can cry me a river🖕🏼😝

Seppuku, that would be awesome👍🏼

Some cool ideas, nice.

I mean that was more of a joke but thanks lol

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I was thinking that when he went into Second Wind, it could be somehow implemented as an option whereby there’s no chance to prevent the bomb from being armed?? The Predator player kneels, commits the ritual, bomb is instantly armed denying FT anymore XP and automatically reducing the condition of the body to badly damaged…

Berserker should be able to do this:

But yeah, Zerk needs some buffs.

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