Hello ILLFONIC here I would like a Buff of Isabelle because everyone finds it too weak especially in health and it is still too little played by the players because it falls easily on the ground to the predator while it is unique! So I explain for the Buff that I would like for Isabelle that her pv is 175 with the hard skin instead of 155 currently which is too weak for this commando and 14 in assets instead of 10 to be between the class scout and ranger and to differentiate from the others fireteam class and make it totally unique! Why do it so low in point of life when it is the commando that killed the Predator + currently and it is the + Seasoned in this domain and Dutch and Dante on much more life with hard skin 185! Why are they men and she a woman so she must be weaker in health?? I find this completely unfair when Dante is not even part of the films and franchise Predator and Health 185 by adding hard skin. So here’s my health proposal Isabelle 175 with hard skin perk and 150 without hard skin. 7/7 for the equipment seems to me correct for a sniper who must be light to move quickly and be still + gifted with his sniper rifle and finally 14/14 of assets to be able to put perks + useful and better protect it in combat . Here is Illfonic for my part I will find it very well balanced and if you do this commando will be more used and better sold and will not be disadvantaged towards his Dutch male counterparts and Dante! And don’t forget Isabelle and the one who killed Predator! Thank you Illfonic


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Nah. Shes fine.
She just needs her screaming back @REYNOSO_FUA11


We know.

Maybe just nerf Dante instead.

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She needs the constant scream back or at least a voice line that allows the player to manually do it.


A voice line would be great.

They let all voice clips of grunts and such to be accessible in the wheel.

One thing Isabelle needs is a new outfit like with Dutch 2025 and 87.With Dutch 2025 he is a perfect cross between assault class look and with predator gear on him Isabelle they just threw everything on her with no balance they need to create a new version of her with the outfit she had in predators (2010),increase her HP to the same level as Dutch and Dante, increase her perks from 10 to 12, and swap her increased damage at distance class attribute with increased damage when using a sniper rifle.

So you want her to be broken as all hell.

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I’m down with that, as long as I can wiggle wiggle that latin rump roast through the jungle without worrying about my HP so damn much.

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The only buff I want for her is to have her scream playing whenever you fall more than half a foot. Maybe a bit more health too but the scream comes first.

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175 or 180 with perk

Just have it be a voice command. Il pay 5 dollars for that.


I’ll pay 10.

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Isabelle is peak bae, your furry opinions don’t count here. Even the movie acknowledged she had a superior and desirable ass. Anything that encourages more players to use her, and thus increasing my chances of staring at her ass gets an upvote from me.

Theres a difference between admiration and obsession.

See I threw a respectable offer of 5 dollars.
He said 10.
Clearly hes obsessed in an unhealthy manner.
Such as you.

That’s the difference.
I appreciate.
You obsses.

We are not the same.

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You call 5 dollars respectable? She’s worth 19.99 bare minimum. You just see her as a cheap secondary choice, you sexist mansplaining misogynist insert random buzzword here piece of poop.

You’re damn right we ain’t the same!

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