Buff for pred needed

Ive been here since day one since the beginning of PHG. i was there For the beta whooaaaa… the game has came so far from were it began, at least thats something we can agree on.

If you ask me befor patch 2.02 the game was perfectly fine in its condition.

I won 70% of my games thats a C average.

But since after 2.03 i am now winning 50% of my games.
I mean they add unclocking nades for FT A plasma rifle buff For some perks for them as well. And alls the damn pred gets is a buff for the war club. They nerfed the bow and the plasma pistol. And they did buff large pouch witch i liked. That needed to be done.

The cloak for pred- i mean hell thats probly the most useless equipment the predator has by fair. If any thing it gives you away!! They might as well come out with a camo armor sharder and a camo skin sharder cause i bet it would work better then that cloak. I can stand still and still get spotted!!!

Next patch im looking forward to some knew gear for the predator to even the battle with the fire team.

So… my friend… this is the key not the buff…

Legs/arms = 20% dmg to preds health
torso = 50%
head = 100%

with the dmg reduction by enviorement which should be passive perk by predator aka the map… and his surroundings…

It will go like this with the 50% reduction

legs/arms = 10%
torso = 25%
head = 50%

damage done to pred


Revert back stats before patch 2.0 and add this what i proposed and it will be fine.

Would a 50% win rate not indicate some form of balance?

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See he does not get it xan leave him be…

I can speak in his name what he meant… he meant that now fireteam can win by inflicting more dmg to predator and win faster…

Which is just endless loop of patching…

What i proposed is adding Certain body limb has its own hitbox dmg indicator, that would work marvelously with added bullet drop and bullet projection and also branches can be penetratable but also they absorb 50% of incoming dmg.

What i am proposing is fix to endless patching the stats and balance changes… sure there can be minor changes here and there but i can assure u that 70% of forum will be cleared from people bitching about balance… 30% will be people who are bothered about the whole PREDATOR needs to be superior n shit…

Right now I really don’t want then to complicate the mechanics any more, they’re not good at it. Let’s just hope the new game mode and map are actually working properly and if that is true FIX the bugs that are already in game. After that make chances.

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They need to fix crashing and servers asap…

new mode too… priority both…

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I like this also armor should effect damage a slight decrease when the scan hits armor

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If AvP2 from 2001 has location based damage, why in the blue hell doesn’t this?

I just want it to be balences i dint want the pred to be stonger just want an even fight thats all

Man to me its not about winning i want to have fun. But i mean it clearly the FT IS FAIR STRONGER. Some FT MAINS ARE JUST IN DENIAL. And See they think there tuff lol ya run 4 dutches and g nade launcher like a bunch of p*****££. Your far stronger then me with a knif so why use a nade launcher??? I mean yall are superman compaird to me😂😂😂😂

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Skilled devs on a very moddable engine vs illfonic’s limited UE experience. AvP2 also has better AI lol. No excuse for the bad optimization.

Lets talk about phg not avp2 thanks

I wasn’t talking to you

I mean your on a game forum so your talking to everybody whos on here lol.

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