Buff the predator

The predator needs to be buffed
I go down way too fast like WTF
How do people play the predator it’s very hard it feels like the fireteam is way better

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is this a poem?

Its been too long since I made a song , about the

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It is exactly like that, so you need to play ranged and better than ft to win.



you need to play like this

A certain wise man said this in ancient times.

“Buff FT nerf pred”

All jokes aside, there is a bug in this game that allows you to destroy a Predator in less than a second. If the Predator were to face a fireteam that exploited this, it would be difficult for the Predator to win. This bug has not been fixed for months after it was revealed. There are various other bugs in both FT and Predator.

If you have any questions about the game’s many bugs, please ask @BeerWarrior66.

@Samhain13 made a tier list for Predator. Plus his videos are very helpful.

However, I think you need a lot of practice and experience on your own to really improve.

do the invisible bug exploit and play ranged. You’ll still be at a disadvantage even with this, but is better than nothing

what buttons do I press to activate the code?

its hilarious how even at being completely invisible the predator can still lose vs a premade

even cheating isnt enough to close the gap in balance

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try the konami code… lmao

dude someone even published a video on how to do it

To “balance” gameplay for Pred vs premade (and still struggle a bit) here’s a list of changes I’ve made:

Instant heal (no longer waiting 10 seconds to heal) - Seems fair since FT can pop a syrette on the fly and keep walking. You still have to hold the interact button for 3 seconds.
Longer long jump - 50% more of the usual long jump. Helps escaping
Plasma pistol - Can’t increase damage, but can increase pellets. 5 pellets work good
Stamina - Stamina on all preds is too damn low. Even Valky (my fav) is too low.
Battle axe - 1 hit down, if “playing ranged” fails, battle axe is there to down in one hit guaranteed. Helps with premades by lowering the FT count down to 3 which is definitely more balanced.

I agree with everything but the axe. The bug and higher damage from the axe pre-update made it ridiculous to play against when running solo. Now its fairly decent to compete with. As an anti-premade weapon, yes an insta-down would be perfect, but used casually it would unfairly wreck teams in seconds.

Is there a particular tell to know you’re invis? Other than running right into the FT and seeing if they notice you at all?

No. That’s the one tell

I don’t use the axe unless I get pissed. But its handy to have it around “for close encounters”

without Aimbot and with realistic guns sway FT will hit jumping around pred in the air my a$$…
also sound is too accurate to home on the pred… sound doesn’t work like this IRL…
With recent increase in leap stamina cost all Berzerker classes outside of combat are pathetic and all hunter classes in combat are… guess what happens if you don’t have Adrenal and run out of stamina in combat slashing with the almost useless vs FT Wristblades… and if get into Second wind you might as well leave the game…