Bug: FT cancelling Slam by gunfire is impossible

Shooting a predator while in mid-air does not cancel the Slam in process. Curses welcome.

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Why would it?

the game claims it does in the predator tips


Because it should.

I guess it’s relatively fair since the latest updates have nerfed the damage quite a bit. But if the game says it’s a feature. It should work.

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I did got an actual shot gun shot in while in mid-air…it did not prevent it from happening. Unless of course he did it after wards which could be possible but…then thats bullshit. Which ultimately means you can initiate it pretty much 1 meter away from the ground .

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Then melee should cancel weapons fire 🤔

It does if you’re smart. You should instantly start bringing your knife out to parry, to prevent damage, or you die.

I suspect something is broken here or overwhelming difficult to do. I will file this under bug regardless. Because if timing is everything what is the point in trying if the window is too small. Its not a fairplay game mechanic. It’s just heresay right now. Horse shit.

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Haven’t noticed.
If it doesnt cancel it when the pred’s glove is glowing midair illfonic probably shadow nerfed it when they changed slam damage through obstacles.

Bug list is long

You haven’t noticed? …of course you didn’t. Why even respond even if you did. Kind of goes against Pred mains. doesn’t it. Doesn’t it’? but thank you for your concern.

in my experience you can still cancel it you just have to do a certain amount of dmg during the glow of the hand while the predator is in the air until the hand is glowing it can’t be canceled which albeit is a pretty short window if the predator starts it really late

however you claim you use the shotgun which notriosly does piss poor dmg you should be using AR’s/SMG/sniper rifles for higher dmg output

Well that’s just insane …a shot gun blast? Let’s not dwell on symantics and dmg numbers. If it takes a a grenade launcher to get him out of slam, i guess i’m out of luck. Best of luck next patch next patch i suppose will clear this shit up by the numbers!

Uh no ones slamming anymore so no I haven’t noticed, tf?

Its a knife slash worth of damage so yeah that’d be around one shotgun blast since shotguns and knives have comparable dps lol. Alternatively a short burst from the AR.

Its always been like that.