Bug of personalistasion

I dont y recieve the things in mi personalisation predator

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Kaka you eh?

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Um onm sfh


If I understood correctly you get something for your pred from the field lockers but don’t see them in Customisations.

Well, the answer is simple: sometimes you just unlock a shader for a mask or weapon you haven’t bought or is still level locked. If you would want to use the shader you either need to buy said mask or wait for the weapon to unlock over leveling up.

Hope this helps.

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True. You can unlock a shader for an item from the field lockers, but if the item itself is still locked, the unlocked shader won’t be shown…


hi i bought the rebreather mask and can’t equip it. someone can help me?

It can work sometimes only with specific places of loadout’s. Worse case scenario none.
You could try a save data delete too to see if that fixes it. Note though that all loadouts will reset but you will keep your levels and unlocks.