Bug on trees on "Derailment" & "Headquarter" maps (with videos)


I’m on PS4.

Trees are bugged on Derailment.
When the predator jumps from branch to branch, he misses and falls.

… In “Headquarters”, by day it works very well … But at night, it’s crazy!
He climbs the tree, and when he gets to the branch, he falls.

The game is unplayable there.

To the Illfonic team: can we hope that this bug will be fixed quickly?
The PS4 player already starts with a handicap (no fine adjustments to the configuration of the controller / latency / crashes), it is not necessary to disgust him even more …

Still no response from the Illfonic team …

The team is currently out of the office for thanksgiving break, so we unfortunately can’t look into this more until Monday

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Ah yes Thanksgiving … Happy feast then!
Thanks Kassinaillia

… turkey: eating grounds…

Well, it’s been 3 days since the turkey should be digested but still no response from the Illfonic team…

An angel passes.

Would I be the only one to encounter this bug?
Does it only bother me?
An Update would be welcome …