Bug: Secondary fire mode wont work on night maps.

I already covered it on Instagram with a dev which asked me to post it here as well.
After many tests I figured out that secondary fire mods as “switch from auto to single fire” or “switch to granadeluncher” wont work on any night map. After many hours trying to solv the problem I found that its because of the custom keybindings. If I use custom Keybindings on a controller the switch button wont work on any key that I will assign it. I tried the glitch on ps4 first then on pc. On pc, if using a keyboard and a mouse, the problem disappears. But when I plug in the controller from my ps4, the glitch appears. I only put “chat wheel” and “ping” on R1 to communicate in an easier manner. Please fix this.

Anyone found a fix?


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