Bugs, crashes, features Nov 1, 2021

Hey @IllFonic @Courier @Kassinaillia @OldKingHamlet
Are you there and listening to the people’s reports??
3 days after the last patch, there are things that need to be fixed ASAP! And not even a damn feedback we got from you.

  • Blue screen crashes.
  • FPS drops when detailed background is on sight (p.e. trees, leaves).
  • Cloak bug when the Predator is switching weapons/gear while wounded.

I think these are the major issues RN and should have your entire attention for a hotfix.
Or are you gonna make us wait 2 months for the new update if it will occur?

Audio bug still a thing

And that. I’m sorry i didn’t mention that. But i’m lucky with that cause i’ve never experienced that bug.*knocks on wood

You are very lucky
I tried one predator match a couple days ago and I couldn’t hear anything

Just blue screened RN.
While on chopper animation.
Backwater map daytime.