Bugs that i experience very often

1.Foliage cause the sniper bullet with no visible obstacles to disappear. Fix pls.
2.Setting weapon 3 or weapon 4 button doesnt switches to knife. Fix pls.
3. Game often gets me to empty lobby after 10-15 mins of waiting. Fix pls.
4. Matches start stuck pretty often when countown to start is 0. Happens about in 1 of 10 mathces.
5. Cant change my loadout in lobby because the game shows my level rank as 0. Happens 1-2 out of 10 games.
6. Long interacting with objects, such as mudding up/objectives interacting/defusing pred self-destruct/helping teammates randomly stops, which frequently results very bad in game situations. Ive ran some tests for my keayboard, but it showed nothing. So i think the issue is in the game.
@OldKingHamlet @IllFonic

Win10 runnin on ASUS Prime B450M-K with Ryzen3600/32GB RAM/GTX1080 onboard. game is installed on Samsung EVO 870 SSD.

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Hi! Do you have any videos or photos of the issues you’re reporting? Additionally, can you provide information or what exactly you were doing during each occurrence so QA can reproduce the issues you’re having?

What do you even mean by this? Did the sniper bullet disappear? what???

This is not a bug, you should set the “MELEE” button, that’s the knife, not weapon 3 or 4.

A day-1 bug, and it says your level is -1. If they haven’t been able to fix it after 2 years then they wont be able to now either. xD

Many times you can just keep holding the interact button down and the interaction will still continue even though the progress meter icon is gone. We have to adapt after Illfonic’s bugs!

He probably means when there’s a grass in front of him and he shoots with SAWZ or 7EN, grass actually stops the bullet, resulting in, not hitting his target (AI or Pred).

Or does he not see his target and simply misses it? xD


Dunno. xD

No Hit Marker when Shooting through foliage is a Bug that persists since Launch.
It’s just the hit marker that’s missing, the Pred still gets damage.

Is it a routine that every game demands you must change your loadout? or that you’re so goddamn stupid at this game that everything , even the option to choose a new loadout 1/70 games that it glitches like this, is fucking required? It just fustrates me that when their internet goes out, the first thing they might do is blame the developers, because that could happen 1/70 matches.

Yes, we all see it fucking happening, but does it FUCK your entire gaming experience?
I think if you win 0 matches out of 100 matches, probably. But you should pack your bags and play something else since you’re that pathetic at this game - @Dexter .

I blame you @Dexter because if I blame the OP, someone will get angries, and then they will crycry and they will wee wee their panties!

As long as you can survive for atleast 120 seconds you should class it as a successful round!

Played around 1.5-2 hours just for u to show. At first time mark, the pred doesnt took any dmg from nade while healong on treem at second - not get hit while was clearly standin still on branch/ 3:37 and 9:26 @IllFonic

Invisiblle brenches… The Predator’s best friend in this game.
If i had a dollar for each time an invisible brench prevented damage to the Predator, i could buy Illfonic.