Build Ideas For Chopper

Imo Chopper is the most difficult predator to play. His energy is horrible, his HP is horrible, perk points isn’t that great, and his stamina isn’t that great either to make up for the other flaws. I’d like some other build ideas from more experienced Chopper players please.

But this is my current build with him, thats been fun and sometimes pulling off risky wins.

Specialization: Ghost
Weapons: Net Gun and Battle Axe
Gear: Healing, Audio Decoy, and Bear Traps.
Perks: Adrenaline Boost (for extra 2 leaps), Fearless, and Modified Reserves.

It’s pretty much for over swing hit and runs, a little plasma pressure to make them split up then either go for another over swing hit against an unaware player or netgun someone alone that is very very aware. Cloak spam of course for extra melee damage. I have yet to really “master” the other specializations because they don’t seem that great sadly.

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Normally I don’t like to be the kind of guy to say things like this that don’t really help but:

Just put Chopper’s mask on Celtic or Scar and pretend it’s Chopper😂
They are both S Tier Classes while Chopper is arguably the worst or second worst Predator class in the game.

But in all seriousness from what I can remember when I used to play, as I haven’t played since last year, I’d say:

Chopper | Stalker
Combistick or Smart Disc
Yautja Bow or Plasma Pistol
Healing Kit | Bear Traps | Audio Decoys
Large Pouch | Medic | Modified Reserve

Its not the best build in the world and it still won’t make Chopper a good class, but it’s about as solid and versatile as you can make him. It’s what I would use if I had to play him. Depending on how good you are, you should be fine using it against the average public match players, but don’t try it against Death Squads or premades, as you will be rinsed very quickly.

Tactic wise, I’d say find out where the Fireteam are in the start of the game ofc, and don’t cloak too early because your energy will run out on Chopper, but make sure you have energy when you get to them. Get directly above them in the trees, and drop 2 or 3 Bear Traps down directly on top of their heads. Once you trap someone, throw the Combistick, before finishing them off with subsequent shots from either the Bow or Plasma Pistol depending on which one you selected.

As far as using the Plasma Caster on Chopper goes, try to snipe them from afar with fully charged shots as you don’t want to get your energy overloaded while close to the Fireteam as they will light you up. Use the Caster to try and weaken their health and waste their heals, syrettes & resources. From full energy, when cloaked, you should have enough energy for 2 or 3 fully charged shots before going into energy overload.

Also, quick tip, at the very start of the game, activate your cloak until you hear your Predator make clicking noises, and then turn it straight back off until you are within the normal range you would turn it on when you are near the Fireteam. This will allow you to sneak up on them better because the Predator won’t start immediately clicking and alerting them to your location.

Hope this was helpful👍

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Chopper is just scout/falconer/exiled on steroids, when i do use him (very rarely) i do it for ranged combat

Chopper, stalker

Smart disc, yautja bow

Medkits/traps/audio decoys

Down range/large pouch/modified reserves

Just a heads up, DO NOT use this against deathsquads unless you are extremely confident in your smart disc skills. At best chopper is only good for public lobbies

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Good tips thx. For some reason my Chopper doesn’t have Stalker. He has disciplined, ghost, and warriors 😢

But i do like your tips. Especially the cloaking tip.

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Yeah, I went up against those. It’s so annoying. I had to kinda scrap my melee build. I still use it sometimes but now I run netgun, bow, downrange, medic, and extra protection for mask with warrior to reduce parry stun since I get melted too quick

You’re welcome👍
In that case, I’d say use Disciplined. It’s the only one of the 3 that is somewhat useful against good players and synergises with the build I gave you. Warrior is pretty much useless, and Ghost just isn’t going to give you much value if any. You may have next to zero cloak time but at least Disciplined will give you some extra stealth.