Cali sucks ,always has

Eats avocado toast begrudgingly


Why don’t you just hop on the 405, take it to Santa Monica, make a left on Cahuenga drive past the In-n-Out get on the 210 and get outta here?!

Lex Luthor circa 1978 was right. We don’t need Cali or Jersey.

No fish tacos or cheesesteaks for you!

East Coast >West Coast

Sorry @GothamsPredator but it needs to be said.

Buahaha. Hey dude what’s winter? 😂


The best

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West Coast = East Coast

It’s those pig fuckers in the middle that suck



No problem. Ive avoided both for years. Fish allergy for one. Gross, messy, greasy cheesesteak poops for another.

My soul cries for your gastrointestinal/immune system

My thanks. I can still eat Chipotle like a boss though!

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Now I want a surf and turf burrito 😲

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I live in the Central Valley of California. Great state, idiot ppl.

What are your legalization laws like? Can’t complain about that.