Call me crazy, but I'm still in love with this game

Seriously, I took like a month away to play a bunch of other games in my backlog (Holy shit why did I not try Hunt: Showdown earlier?!) But eventually I came back to PHG and by god I still love playing both sides!

Now yeaaaaah, there’s one or two balance issues (I’m looking at you Duelist Field Medic) But even with the balance being tilted toward FT I’m still having a hella good time as Pred.

I’ve gona against full stack premades, I’ve gone against randoms, I’ve gone against full meta builds, and every time I’ve still enjoyed myself, win or lose.

And when I do lose, I take something from that loss. I noted how I was a bit too reliant on the Battle Axe as a Viking (I’m sorry I love the overhead bonking I can do), I noticed how I was always going in for dangerous claims when it was clearly not worth the 2nd wind, I noticed that I have a tendency to follow a Pred even with nobody following me.

I’ve learnt, adapted, overcome, and I’m still enjoying every second of the game.

Now for the plot twist, I’m on PS4 without crossplay, lmao, call me a sinner but that’s how I enjoy the game most. I’ve played against PC playes and they really do fuck you up. PS4 vs PS4 just seems the most balanced to me which is why I play crossplay off. Forgive me father for I have sinned.

Hell I’d even reccomend this to my Playstation mates, I’ve honestly not had this much fun with a multiplayer title since Friday the 13th; as flawed as that game was, I still loved playing both sides, just like I do here.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk, much love, stay safe, and be critical, not destructive.


I still very much enjoy the game

It gets repetitive faster than other games though

More maps, missions, weapons, gear and perks



Surprisingly I don’t find it that repetitive, haha. I could play overgrowth all fucking day withoit complaint.

Would for sure liie a wider array of toys to play with though! Especially pred gear that section is lacking man

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I have undiagnosed ADD 😅

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I still love it also. I get melted against premades, and even occasionally one good PC FT whose goal is to chase predators, but honestly I’ve got the worst of both worlds. I’m on a laptop that doesn’t meet requirements, using a controller (because I don’t have a “station” where I can play), with cross play ON so I have a better opportunity against randoms.

I absolutely love playing, like you, win or lose, and doing my best to get better every match.

That being said, when I do claim 4 or 6 FT members, it feels damn good!

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Especially when it’s a set of long claims! GIMME DAT SPINAL CORD BIATCH

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Also, omega level props to you for being able to run PC with a controller!

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What is your Nickname?

I change it every 2 weeks, until I have my new laptop. I don’t want players to quit if I’ve beat them before and don’t want players to quit if I’m not a big enough challenge.
But I’ve played you 3x. It’s never turned out well for me. 😁

Edit: I have to say that I like the mystery of not knowing opponents or having them know me. The match will be what it is based on skill, connection ( or lag), and unpredictable circumstances. 👍🏻

3x so basically just few times. I thought we have played against more honestly ahhaha. What you said about the mistery is true , it’s always a doubt.

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I do love this game, and it makes me happy to know other people love it, too.

I know the most vocal of people - those that criticize the game and those that defend it, do so out of the same love for the game.

“Stay together, Fireteam!” 💪


I’ve enjoyed the game since launch. Learning the game can be very complicated but also rewarding on both sides.

What I wouldn’t give for the usual round of frame rate fixes, bug squashing, balancing and even currency gains to be given out right now; but like everything else, the game’s growth from launch has taken time. I’m actually more excited to see what Illlfonic can do with more development time.


Your crazy :p



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Good to hear 😁

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You’re not crazy. Its still great

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Yep. Still love it despite its flaws.

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