Call of Duty Black Ops : Cold War PS4 ALPHA (Gameplay)

I haven’t really dived into a call of duty title since black ops 4 so I’m hyped!!

Multiplayer reveal live now!!

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bo 4, bo3 sucked sooo much…
2 too but less then 3 and 4…
1 was perfect and now…let s hope cold war will be good.

My personal favorites are cod4 and WaW

Bo 2 was the shit. Sticks and stones!!! Split screen too! Man it was so fun when me n my bro would compete to see who will have the most tomahawk kills.

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what im talking is that they change the game period…
basicly now cod cw is the COD 2… and cod 2 is actually 3

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2 was fine, that s for sure…but too much technology for just the second game…
we dont even have those gadgets in real life like in cod aw…
still is a game…everybody decides whatever they like it or not:))

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The Alpha is going live on PS4 Tmw!

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The next 2 days is gonna be fun!

I can’t join any lobbies…

It’s up and running! So much fun!