Call of Duty Black Ops : Cold War

I haven’t really dived into a call of duty title since black ops 4 so I’m hyped!!

Multiplayer reveal live now!!

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bo 4, bo3 sucked sooo much…
2 too but less then 3 and 4…
1 was perfect and now…let s hope cold war will be good.

My personal favorites are cod4 and WaW

Bo 2 was the shit. Sticks and stones!!! Split screen too! Man it was so fun when me n my bro would compete to see who will have the most tomahawk kills.

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what im talking is that they change the game period…
basicly now cod cw is the COD 2… and cod 2 is actually 3

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2 was fine, that s for sure…but too much technology for just the second game…
we dont even have those gadgets in real life like in cod aw…
still is a game…everybody decides whatever they like it or not:))

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The Alpha is going live on PS4 Tmw!

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The next 2 days is gonna be fun!

I can’t join any lobbies…

It’s up and running! So much fun!

If you pre order you get access to the beta before the master race does!!

The only reason I might pick this up is because 🧟‍♀️ 🧟‍♂️🧟 looks good this year

Zombies is going to be really good this year

I haven’t been really into COD since World at War

This one is gonna be great

Lots of cool classic guns

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I just hope the zombie mode isnt easter is egged full like the last black ops zombies was. I want a true zombie mode

Yea a more grounded take would be better

I’m here for the pvp and story mode though

Zombies is the icing on the cake

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Meh. Call of duty pvp is stale at this point. They really need to re invent it in my opinion. Maybe make all the maps huge and no more loadouts you find weapons on the map so every game is fresh idk

To me it’s a classic formula

Kill confirmed is so much fun in this version

CoD servers this Thursday

PHG servers this Thursday

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That’s memetastic!!

And an unfortunate reality

Did you play the last beta? It was okay but still feels very CoD, as in the controls are still a bit robotic

I played the alpha

It was a bit rough but the beta is supposed to be significantly smoother