Campaign Mode and Offline with Bots

You probably wouldn’t have to give this game away for free on PS4 within 2 years of release if you’d gone with the obvious. As many have already said here. Just adding one more obvious note to the pile. Same as anything (albums, literature, movies), the creator’s intentions don’t mean anything. It’s the audience that decides what it is, and what should be next. This’ll be a one-off if nothing changes.

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I want predator to be a porno

Doesn’t make what the fans want good

“If you asked people what they want they would of said faster horses”

You clearly haven’t been on the forums for a while

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The devolopers don’t have the resources to properly make a single player mode

Where as they already have a basis of a multiplayer game

Never. The game is just okay, and I’m not that sad yet.

A mediocre multiplayer at the moment, but this game could be pretty solid. I’m hoping they make some better decisions and keep it going.

Listen all I’m saying is they already have a agenda and they ain’t gonna change it for fans

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Making it single player when their A.I is worse than what came out on PS3 isn’t a smart decision

It’s a dumb decision peddled by egotistical Pred fanboys who demand to be catered to blindly

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Totally, I took your meaning. But they’ve got a feedback section for a reason, and if “this is what we made and it’s staying that way” is what they want to say to gamers, they can do that. The logical fallacy and porno hyperbole from Eshtion aside, creators have every right to drive their stuff into the ground. But clearly they’re not doing so good, so I think they need to consider DLC besides skins. Then, if they get to a sequel, keep adding (Doom Eternal “Ancient Gods,” etc.) to make ends meet.

You know, passive aggression is a sign of a personality disorder.

Now casting hot babes for


Serious inquiries only

If it bleeds… We can hump it


A. Passive aggressive behavior is also a sign of being tired of dumb opinions

B. What’s your point?

That I’m mental?

Okay doesn’t disprove me

C. What logical fallacy? Just because people want something, doesn’t mean there isn’t something better or the best option to go for

And yes the skin DLC’s suck

But single player content isn’t going to fix it because that’s way too much to ask for in an already broken game

The way to fix this is to make classes meanginful

They had to come up with a game within a certain time frame

These guys came from the audio industry and are new developers who have a small team

Be realistic

The game was advertised as a multiplayer only game

Single player campaign is not coming


Nope they’re just as good as a triple A team


You boys always tag-team? Sexy. If you have lives, please go to them eventually. Night.

Bad blood is a Heretic actually




Also all you did was make fun of me

Maybe you should actually make an argument

I swear the human race is doomed

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That’s my ego you’re stepping on!

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We always hurt the ones we love. It’s the prosecco talking. Sorry. Here, have a poem.

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