Ah, that beautiful map Backwater aka Lagwater. There’s a real nasty under the map spot to the very far right of the map where FT can still attack Predator from and not be touched.

Then there’s the numerous spots at the Fishing Village where FT can get under the structures and camp out, holding the game hostage.
Here’s a recent example of my time being wasted because some idiot wanted to be cocky and ride out the clock. It starts at 7.50 and continues for 5 mins until I eventually catch on;

Either make it so Predator can also get to where these flesh sacks seem to be able to hide, or patch up the entry points (or better still, remove crouch-jump mechanic😈).

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Personally think a wrist mounted flamethrower and plasma grenades would be a more better option.

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I’m a bit of a Pyro so yes to wrist-thrower and anything incendiary. Looking forward to Wrist-Launcher being universal gear. Gonna stack fire DoT and the Katana’s Bleed DoT, then back off and laugh.

That and the boundary of the map there is huge. Can stand waaay out in the water with snipers where there’s zero cover & 1 tree for the pred and just strafe plasma shots.

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Predator mains like to camp the reinforcement radio. The spawn of the radio needs to be more randomized.


Do the objective while pred spends two minutes finding the radio? Reinforces give you full gear back its actually beneficial to just throw all your medpacks on the ground at the objective & blow yourself up to respawn with your team which is beyond ridiculous. You’re not entitled to a reinforce.


It should not be a spawn! FT should arrive in the choppa like in the beggining of each match

No they shouldn’t do away with the ability to crouch jump it makes getting Veritanium easier, but they should just disable backwater till they fix these all I finally ended up with one of the shitbag camping teams what a waste of matching to be on a fireteam that employs this boring and unskilled tactic, it’s not as though people haven’t provided them with enough proof of it happening

Preds are not entitled to use OP gear to be trolls either. Preds op as it is

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Pred op? Never heard of that before. Seems like someone has a serious case of Git Gud!!

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If they go under the Structures in Fishing Village, use your slam to push them to the edges and you can melee straight through the walls on the side. I made a video before to show this. Under the map is fucked though, can’t do shit about that

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Yep, predator is too OP! Has been, but FT is the one getting nerfed because of the whiny pred boys.

Ironically seems to be the point of the movie that this 1v4 is based on which is pretty funny.

I didn’t know bear trapping objectives was troll i’ll add it to the list of things @Orune disapproves of.

CYSZ Gaming channel had a video where he flew his smart disc under there accidentally, but actually found the opening where a crouched Predator can get underneath there. But taken into consideration, the time it takes to reach the opening, crouch, get in and actually get to the FT member/s underneath is highly likely going to result in Second Wind and probably death.

And Predator is OP??🤣 funniest shit I’ve heard today.


Player a match last night where 2 ppl were using the building in backwater that is like two stories and the reinforcement sometimes spawns their but they were trying so hard to kill me but they just kept failing it was pretty funny actually

My first match last night and they ran to that spot, I just deliberately self destructed. Didn’t have time for that bullshit after waiting 10mins for the match.