Can CyberPop exist?

so CyberPunk 2077 tries to grab you attention with pop icons such as Keunu Reeves being a musician in the game, but are video games proper medium for pop-music intergration? I mean you know rock and pop music dead in the english side of the world but …
could it revive itself in the video game world?

With all the assorted genres available? I mean couldnt it make its’ own genre of post digital society existence?

I know Refused members lead man had helped with Keunu’s role, but its really just scrapped the edges of what it could be right? I haven’t gotten that far into the game myself, but i saw the BTS video and it was raw. It didn’t really advertise a new genre. but I could see a new genre developing.
The orchestral aspect in games lays a heavy impact on the vibe and atmosphere, but how about a new pop-genre of music? Does any one think that there might be some kind of new beginning?
I mean could there be a new society willing to break into this medium? To make itself heard?

There is this game where this band wrote this archiac witch type music. I can’t remember the name of the game, but it was dark and viking/celtic oriented. It was dark and not your typical music. Kind of disturbing really. but you get the idea that creatives are making genres of music specific to a games atmosphere. It is really engaging~ ! but ultimately, would a fictitious genre reach out to general public appeal through a video game?

I mean if its individualized, hiting the right chords both emotional, lyrical, and melodic, would society accept it as a fantastical and escapist form of music? even if their own society wouldn’t agree/forbid/ outcast it?

IMHO, i think it could. If there were outstanding, hopeful things to dream about.

The music in Cyberpunk, is original music but it’s also trying to sound like specific influences from the 1980’s, the one I hear clearest in the music of Samurai, Johnny Silverhand’s (Keanu) band is Nine Inch Nails. Michael Pondsmith one of the creators of Cyberpunk the role-playing game and the video game must be a fan. There are original songs by a number of rappers, who I don’t really know (it’s decent) and Grimes, Elon Musks wife sings at least on song.

When making the music, it seems as if they wanted to lean into the eighties and extrapolate a future from there, I think they mostly succeeded.

Keanu himself was in a band called Dogstar back in the early to mid Nineties. One of the bikes in the game is a tribute to Keanu’s real motorcycle company. It’s Jackie’s bike the Arch for those who are curious.

I can’t comment on the K-pop, at least I think it’s K-pop because I don’t listen to it.

Edit - this is The Hu, give them a listen, this is video game music.

It’s also traditional Mongolian throat singing.


IMHO, the sample video you provided is a great example of genre mixing. Its out there as experimental and achieving its goals in stellar proportions!
But could a genre of music be created that is above our own societies of music yet bring them together?

I mean like- we are all bound by own cultural inheritance, but if its not space bound could there be a virtual civilization creating it’s own music that might break the ice between their world and ours?

geezus i hope i didnt drop the mic again!

Hear this idea: A populous from Mars or our Moon or any moons from our system had established a vibrant self sustaining and practical colony and economy there and had went further to establish a culture that was further out and different from our standards of society, presented music back to Earth as a message of what they believed in (however different or similar). What would it sound like? What would they want to communicate?

And let it be -that they communicate through the video games that we play today!
We are experiencing some pretty heavy shit in video games. Its going to be pretty repetitive if we get 10 more Assassins Creed games or Cyberpunk sequals with ‘just orchestra music’.

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When I think of Cyberpunk music the 90s comes to mind. There is a book Chaos and Cyberculture by Timothy Leary and it was instrumental at the time for all things cyberpunk.

Have you seen the movie Jonny Mnumonic (1995)? It is basically Cyberpunk 2077 the movie.

I’d love a Johnny Mnemonic Dlc pack.

OK, back to this thread.
MG Rising seemed to have hit it big with the Prog Metal. I freakin thought that games soundstrack was dope. I have it in my playlist somewhere. It definitely deserves an award for being out there and making it stick. But I feel that maybe the Prog Metal was a bit competitive standing shoulder to shoulder with 30 Seconds to Mars(similar to the style of their epic debut and subsequent albums. ) . So much to the point where the music seemed like it was hitting niche market hard.
Now the way they journeyed into more softer pop and jungle anthems is where i think the future music can go but ultimately 3STM hadn’t really made a trend yet. I can’t tell whether it is because they won’t play songs off their debut as part of their routine, or that other bands don’t follow suit. Maybe the music is just to difficult and costly creative-wise to produce. They do attract the younger male crowds, so it isn’t essentially friendly to all genres.

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I think it’s considered electronic actually. The band on the MGR soundtrack is Maniac Agenda. They do Metal/EDM. Kind of like Celldweller and The Prodigy.

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no way was it purely electronic. Not even electronica, more like drum and bass. It had metal vocals so it was intentionally metal voicings purposefully. But to each his own. Im glad you have knowledge of the ost.

Metal/EDM. They were calling themselves Metalstep for a bit but I think the actual term is metalcore electronic or electronic rock. If you like them you’ll like Celldweller and maybe Blue Stahli.

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Metal core electronica. yes. A few people on the forums are fans of this genre. I dig it! Its way more stricter in terms of BPM, than say 30stm. So it definitely adheres to genre stylings.

Metal Gear Rising was a great soundtrack.