Can’t equip Bionic pred skin pattern

Can’t equip the Mottle skin pattern for Bionic pred, says hold E to unlock but nothing happens, also it says the cost is -1

Also, from what I can see the raptor and shatter patterns look the exact same, as well as classic and default look the same? I’m gonna assume that’s a bug and wasn’t intended…

  • and to add to the above, preds head is clipping through the jungle hunter mask… probably does with other ones too.

It’s just the same bug like for emissary Predator
Wait two months, they’ll fix it

I still have that big for emissary

Then Wait 4 months

Alright so what you do is you start playing the game normally and stop using bionic pred and then you can use all skin patterens 1!1!1!1!1!

Oh another fix is that happened for me I do believe mottle is his default skin pattern so just use the default one

Errors, classic