Can you add Pete keyes gun?

Illfonics just to add something different - in Predator 2 Keyes and his squad has those nitrogen guns in the warehouse? cool to add them something new

No New weapon

dude, they didnt even bother to balance guns that are already in-game.

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No point in adding new FT weapons.
Pred cry babies would ask for a nerf right away and illfonic would put their asses up and attend the request.

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You clearly never paid attention to the state of the game dude


Only thing preds are crying over is the stat of this game and lack of love and ambition this shit studio has for it…

Besides @moralez Illfonic is to lazy to even consider the idea of addressing this lol.

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You clearly never paid attention to the fact that i just want to watch this whole thing burn


Doesn’t stop your views from being shit

That’s the spirit!

If only they did do that request…

Yeah, the game is under-manned. I don’t thing one dev can dish it all out.

They need to add something new - I don’t dig all the new predators as there’s nothing interesting that comes with them like new weapons etc

Oh gee, I wonder why. Maybe it’s because the game is only technically not dead because illfonic’s under contractual obligation to finish taking the mile-long shit they’ve been doing for the past 3 years.