Canadians Be Aware

Your government has just placed a huge order for riot shields and riot control equipment amongst other things. Then, there’s this;

The whole worlds going to shit.

Weapons and ammo

The globalists are coming lol

They’re probably for Americans trying to flee the draft for the upcoming civil war

Wow, your taste on propaganda sucks, 😉.

That wasn’t even presented in the most effective way. Should have done them in the reverse order and dropped the bad boy comments, they’re out of context so they mean nothing, they just want you to be scared of the UN, which is silly. It isn’t a world government and even if there was a plan it’s actually to maintain the statues quo. Poor countries make goods for rich ones or provide resources, it’s all one big interconnected net. The 1% like the 99, they get the most benefit out of everyone else’s struggle.

It’s straight from the horse’s mouth, so hardly propaganda. They’re straight up yelling you what is coming.

Dude, are you not seeing what is happening in Australia? Are you not paying attention to all the new “measures” they’re introducing both here in the UK and Canada? Is this ‘living’ to you? Is this what you were born for, is this all you dreamed of and imagined it would be when you were younger, cos it sure as fuck isn’t the future I envisioned. Let me guess, your going to be first in line for the vaccine like a good little citizen. Jesus, you younger generations would sell your own ass and sacrifice your own family for that sweet consumer convenience.

Indeed, the world is fucked Fire.

Speaking of propaganda

The next news network is claiming there is a cia whistleblower saying that he has proof Obama, Biden and Hilary Clinton arranged for navy seals to be killed 🤷

I’m wary of “whistleblowers”, but I’m intrigued nonetheless.

Nothing in that video is presented in a way that is anything but fear mongering.

The truth is always revealed

We can rest easy knowing that

This isn’t any different than Alex Jones saying the thousands of FEMA sealable plastic coffins are for a genocide, rather than just for natural disasters. They’re just emergency supplies but take some photos of a train loaded with them or a field filed with them and it’s suddenly secret executions and government is out to get you.

It’s all propaganda


Legend says that if you don’t comply with the Canadian government they will waterboard you with maple syrup.

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I heard they make you into a giant Poutine, then smother you with cheese curds

Thats how I want to go, provided its warmed syrup.

I heard it was Sarah Palin that sits on your face naked until you confess.

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10 yrs ago, I’d have signed up for that too.

Not gonna lie, she was a fox back in her day😍

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She can sit on my face. She may have no brain but she a milf and all milfs can get it

I still sign up for this. Dick her down good 1 time get you set for life