cancel pig eat...

can we have a cancel pig eat please…

iit can waste the pig but needs a cancel like heal kit.



just got 2nd winded by ai while eating a pig lol

High risk high reward

i guess. but i dont see a problem with cancel, lessen the risk if situation changes and u dont get the reward.

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Plus If much rather have pigs be the main source of healing rather than the med kit

I’d be okay with it if the auto eat bug wasn’t still in the game

Cancelling an interaction like Pig eat, stealth kill, should be linked to Tree Crouch / Dismount (double tap). I think its the most underused key and should be attached to this.

Nope High reward High Risk. You want to eat that yummy bacon you know the Ft gonna want some

git gud
We don’t need any canceling

you can cancel revive, you can cancel using a medpack on the floor, stop mudding up mid way through… etc etc

Listen here mr world record.
Honestly it makes to be able to do it lol.
It’s not as bad as you thinkm
Why should only ft be able to cancel world medkits?


almost like fireteam dont want an actual challange and like everything being super easy for them…

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You know, I’ve only died twice after mastering pred in my entire time playing.
And both have been to eating pigs.
However, I made a conscious decision to eat a pig at a stupid time.

I knew, there was a 50/50 chance of dying because of it.
Even then I’m fine without a cancel for it.

Tho, it would be nice.
The point is.
I know your pain.
Bacon is hard to resist xD.

yea i can deal with it, its fine. just why not have cancel? fireteam can change their mind based on situation with just about every animation.

Imagine being locked into the mud up animation until finished, or interacting with mission objective and u cant cancel out… would suck and yeah u could get used to it and only do it when ur sure its safe and make tactical decision to do it etc etc… but why not just allow cancel? not like its giving any huge advantage to an already disadvantaged pred…

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And now I want ft locked into animations xD.
Especially mud up lololol.

But ya I wouldnt really be against it.
Adding a cancel for pig eating.

It’s high risk high reward
In some matches you can see 100 pigs in the match
So it’s not fair to cancle that
Git gud

some matches there are barely any pigs. git gud

Most matches there are 100 heathpacks and ammo crates on the map… not fair to cancel that. git gud

Because in some of my matches as Pred I can find so many pigs in the map
So it’s not fair that You can canlce that
It’s high risk high reward
Git gud bro

I’m ok with this system so don’t tell me gg :))))
It’s high risk high reward
Don’t need crying for that