Can't interact/sprint...

So… I dunno what happened but at some point I lost the ability to sprint and interact during a match on excavation. Pretty lame considering I couldn’t mud up or reinforce the fucking team lol


It happened to me also a few days ago.

I had Dutch '87. During the match everything was working fine.

Two guys died and all of the sudden I couldn’t sprint or mud up at all.

Map was Excavation.

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Oh, you think that shit’s bad?
I get this crap on predator all the time, at least once a day. It appears random, and it fucking sucks not being able to sprint, claim, climb trees, or eat pigs. For me, it happens on completely random maps for no apparent reason. It also has a tendency to stop randomly, and sometimes getting put into second wind fixes it.

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Solution: ADS > Fire (Plasma Caster)

Here is video of recreation

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When you’re playing it 24 hours a day and it happened once or twice I can see how this is annoying. But when I barely play it and it never happens…i dont complain. Why is that? Oh, because i have a life.

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this…

NO FORUM USER has a life. Rule of the universe, my guy. Besides, who needs a life when you have shitty, half-developed games that lets you tap into your innermost psychopathic tendencies?

Oh shit, I think I figured out why people do LARP. This game is LARP.

Can confirm. It’s Tuesday, I’m drunk with my dog.

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