Can't run or interact

But please, keep releasing dumb fucking skins

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I’ve had this bug many times. For me it happens whenever you simultaneously or very quickly input melee+weapon swap.

Though when I get it, you can’t shoot either and switching to the knife clears the bug. Interesting how you were still able to fire but using the knife switch didn’t get you out of the bug.

Maybe they did try to fix it, but because of their incompetence, weren’t able to fix it properly.

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You know, after further consideration I think it’s largely a skill issue. Clearly need to git gud

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For the first time this happened to me as FT just now.
@Weevo540 no way you can think of having more bugs than me. I’m here to fight!

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Question? How do you get out of the bug though?

going down on girlfriend and say “Jeez, you’ve got a bigpussy”

The round ended

Fuck off.


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It’s not that one Jelou