Can't select Loadout at all!

Switched to City Hunter on a loadout. Then it glitched and I can’t access that loadout slot to edit. Back for only a week after 4 month hiatus. This game is ridiculous.

Edit: Now another loadout has done it. This game is technical garbage. Can’t believe you sold this trash to people.

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I have that issue with loadouts 1-5 and 7.

It’s ridiculous man. I am so sorry for anyone who has to deal with this bullshit. Illfonic needs to go back to basic programming.

No argument here

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People that are experiencing the same loadout bug/glitch with both City Hunter and Dutch 87

Same thing is happening here

If you select smart disc as primary, think it glitches due to the disc usually being in the ha ds of other preds, but on city hunter it gets out in its leg holder.

Tried net gun and worked fine, the second is put the disc on it, bugged. (Primary slot)