Can't tell if Extra credits is back at it or if it's an early April fool's joke

So many things wrong

I mean it’s not a bad thing to want Races in games to not be inherently evil HOWEVER claiming that is because black people comparison is wrong


if you don’t know let me walk you through something
Dragons in DnD are alignment based
So all metal dragons (bronze Brass Silver Gold) are good inherently
All color dragons are evil inherently (red blue purple green and black)

however these dragons if raised by an elf (cause it’s the only race that lives long enough) could change their alignment upon maturity except for 2 Gold and er Black according to the monster manuel

is that wrong? no it’s not black/white has constantly been used as a sort of yin and yang a good vs evil a light vs dark if your conflating or comparing it to our real world races your the problem

or hell a better example is
Drow elves (the dark skinned elves) in DnD are also inherently evil and they are ruled by matriarchal spider worshipping women and yet the pale skinned high elves or wood elves or Fey elves are whatever they want to be now that’s kind of a problem as it doesn’t really make sense aside from i guess if i knew someone who worshipped spiders i too would think they are evil as those hell spawns do not belong in this world

but i would never claim the reason those people are evil is because they have dark skin
funnily enough i recall World of Warcraft has famously done they retconned all hate speech in their world so it is inherrently canon that all people of Azeroth are inclusive towards all things gay trans and diffrent races of peoples however humans still hate orcs lol

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The thing about the video isn’t even that they’re conflating orcs and real races (they do and it’s wrong but that’s a minor point overall) the big problem is that they’re just wrong

“Some one will feel compassion”

Sorry to the three people in existence that feels compassion for a murderous race so much that it ruins the game for them

“Is it really evil”

Either they’re evil by culture, so yes, or they’re evil by nature, In which case slaughter them like animals or wolf’s in skyrim it doesn’t matter because now they’re just animals that are humanoid at that point. At least in practicallity forwards morals and values.

If your fine killing a wolf you should be fine killing an orc

“You can’t have genuine moral questions with an everyone is evil race”



So ya there’s nothing wrong with wanting complex race relations in RPG’s but when your straight up wrong and spout how it’s badly designed ya I got a problem

And this is coming from a guy who’s RPG universe doesn’t have everyone is evil races

I feel like the same people posting racebait videos about the importance of anything and everything being morally grey like this one and the AvP is racist one also ironically buy up any media where you punch nazis without question but its bad if orcs are evil?

Dont get it just seems like an attempt to try to gatekeep fiction.


Wait AVP gets this stuff too?
Or is that a different AVP?

Lmao bro that was beyond fucking stupid.
I really hate people who try to talk about something and think they’re explaining their point, but instead it just comes across as rambling.

Present to me the main points you are trying to make, then tell me your feelings.
Seriously I fucking hate that shit.

That video was a waste of time tho, because aside from a stupid idea, there was no real point made.

You cant have a solely evil raaaaaaceeeee.

Like wtf?
Btw you say you have no solid evil race?
I didnt think you were into creating characters or anything lol.

But that’s kind of boring.
It sounds so limiting to not have a race or species that’s only one thing lol.

HOWEVER, not like any of it matters though, because there is no such thing and absolute/ true good or evil.

Everything in terms morality is simply a matter of perception.

In the end if you have no opposition, cause you convinced everyone, or killed off everyone who disagrees, then you are automatically right/good.
In terms of morality anyway.

Also, fuck orcs they’re ugly lol.
Screw humans, and elf’s.
Argonian ftw xD.


Sociology professors. Every time.

Predator is a black man because dreadlocks and spears! Isnt a new one but his take on alien is hilarious.

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I kind of was ranting sorry, not sorry :p

There really isn’t a time to bring it up in conversation typically

It is limiting, especially next to non everyone is evil races, but you can make a “they’re all evil” race well written with complex themes you just need to know how to write it. Mainly with the morality of “does it excuse X” or “do we just abandon them”

That is true but at the same time there still are general true evil concepts that stories like Lord of the rings pull here and there so even if morality is subjective it’s still something someone can write.

Especially since it’s mainly just saying “x race is antagonist always”

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Right. I remembered watching a video on this.

Before I read your response here, I have no real problem with anything you said, my beef is with the video.

That dude made no real point xD.

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Oh I though you were referring to me because I kind of went “they’re idiots” while making a point :p

Harm for the sake of harm is objectively evil. The same way truth isnt based on perception it either happened or it didnt.

Dirty nihilist goblin.
Reaction image here.

I know we had this conversation before (and I made very aweful points, let’s see if I can redeem that) but how is it measured?
How good a film is has enjoyment (subjective) and quality (objective)
So what would you say be the equivalent here
Morality to objective and
??? To subjective

Fact is fact, however good and evil are pure perception.

This is fact.

Saving someone is really only good to those who care.
And if a being comes from a world where hurting others is good, who are you to say you’re right and they’re wrong?

Why is your perception/ beliefs more important?
And this is where words cease to serve a purpose.
Now you must fight to the death.

Otherwise that demon who kills because they know it’s good to kill and hurt ppl will kill you if you dont xD.

Lol I hate vids like those bro xD.
But ya man, I used to rp kinda like D&D back in the day, I’ve created many different characters and worlds and so on lol.

It was fun, I miss doing it.

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Another point, when we had this conversation last time, one of you said one way to determine morality was by learning from the past I.E what works and what doesn’t but that’s more akin to how effective something is at working, so wouldn’t morality be the subjective part of the coin and the objective side being what works well as a society (I.E, not killing others for no reason)

So essentially

Morality is subjective
Efficiency is objective

It’s not all bad or futile tho.
Like a beneficial belief is that doing things that benefit humanity is “good”.

It would be nice if everyone focused on that and avoided detriments, so humanity can advanced technology and get to where it needs to be, but uh…
Yaaa ppl are selfish and self centered lol.

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My idea isn’t DND specifically but same concept in terms of world creation

Mine was just strictly roleplay.
No dice or rules to follow.

It was combat focused.

I literally started it because I hated the limits in video games.
So it was just about constantly pushing the limit and evolving.

Lol sorry if this boring, just been a while since I’ve had a reason to mention it xD.

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