Carriable magazine amount/weapon damages needs fixing

some weapons have way too much low ammunation able to carry than others.
lets take example of bazooka and shotgun djl-33:
bazooka (b34st) has total firepower of 1038dps with its 3 ammunation
shotgun DJL-33 has total firepower of 20,613dps with its 84 ammunation

force should cost weight, ofcourse, but bazooka should have 60ammunation compared to shotgun to carry same amount of firepower.

Should illfonic make firepower based bullet max amount instead what it currently is? This could fix problem, that people avoid certain weapons just because they have no enough ammunation to carry to end of mission. Currently best DPS weapons are better at total firepower than worst ones, so people doesn’t really choose, just take best. I think total firepower of 10k-11k should be good average for each weapon.

Bro, they’re not making any changes. The entire feedback section is useless. Always was. Sorry 😞


No I have to disagree. The issue is here is that there’s more to balance than total firepower.

If a weapon has high total firepower, but has low damage and fire rate, then the weapon isn’t going to be good. In fact it’s that same DPS that most people choose their guns for, since ammo count is usually high enough on most guns anyways.


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In all seriousness just do this formula as an example:
4 scouts = 1 hunter
4 supports = 1 berserker
4 dutchess = 1 classic jungle hunter

Balancing issues ain’t THAT hard. It’s not rocket science

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