Casket Magazine is 60 rounds.

캐스킷 탄창1
캐스킷 탄창1-1
캐스킷 탄창2
캐스킷 탄창2-1
Casket Magazine is 60 rounds.
Not 40 or 45 rounds.
Please fix it.

캐스킷 탄창은 60발입니다.
40발 또는 45발이 아닙니다.


And friendly fire exists, as well as projectile style shooting (or the closest to real shooting we’ll get in a game), as well as 50. Cals one shotting pred, and pred one shotting Humans, no downed state either, as well as FT one shotting A.I, and A.I one shotting FT, and invisibility being extremly hard to see, and plasma casters being locked on, and no, Real soldiers don’t bring pink guns into the field, and suppresors don’t activly harm the damage of a bullet, and pred has dogs, and hunt in pairs, and reinforements not spawning in mid air, or coming that quickly, and… well you get the point

Balance>fun>literally anything>still anything> seriously anything>realism


Thank you! Finally someone said it!

Ah yes give the ft more crutches to rely on, in all seriousness fuck realism especially in game where you fight a 8 foot alien, why do you need more rounds, you can allready kill a pred with around 30, throw balance more out the window with 60 good idea.


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