Change the Stealth Dismount HotKey Title to [Tree Crouch / Dismount]

Please change the Hotkey title of Stealth Dismount, to:
Tree Crouch, Dismount Tree

Stealth Dismount doesn’t make any sense.
It has nothing to do with Stealth kills nor does it allow you to cancel a stealth kill. So cross the word Stealth out of there. - let me add that the ability to cancel a stealth kill would be an added bonus.

The only dismount in this game is from a tree branch. Score one for the word dismount and then add the word ‘tree’ at the end of it. That would make a whole lot more sense.

This hotkey also allows you to magically crouch in the tree which isn’t even mentioned.
Therefore, adding the words Tree Crouch/ would actually tell the player there is a mechanic in the game that they didn’t even know!
In fact I spent the whole year not knowing this until last week!
thank you.

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i think the idea is “stealth” / dismount

AS it dismounts, but it also crouches - IE crouch is more stealth…

But it is confusing.

“Tree Crouch / Dismount” would be fine

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Yeah, that saves on words. Score!
I also noticed that he remains in crouch mode if he dismounts during crouching in the trees. I don’t think it deserves the word Stealth because of that, i actually thought it was a mis-step in programming. He should have just entered regular walking mode.

You took 3 minutes to respond to my post and offer that better wording, and 3 minutes of brain power is all it took. But its been a year and illfonnic never even bothered to re-read their shit?

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this next update better be god tier or they been slacking and milking the art/assets team while the rest do nothing.

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Its not even stated in the tutorial.

just something i worked out when fumbling around learning to play the clunky jank that is “the ultimate hunter”

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I dont get you, Illfonic? Who makes you breakfast?