Change to the hammer?

@IllFonic could we have the ability to throw the new hammer i know the weapon hasn’t even been out for a day but it would make the weapon more unique and useful just a suggestion


Even if you could, I don’t see people using it over the elder sword or scythe. Those 2 are just to good in melee. There is a reason why people don’t run combistick over those 2 (people who know what they are doing and want to melee).

True ig id rather see a change in weapons that come with predator dlc i want more ranged weapons


I would prefer more gear over ranged weapons. But something unique. Like people have been suggesting. Drones, summoning attack “dogs”. Things like that. I guess you could also put them as weapons.

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You mean sickle

A scythe would make for a killer weapon though 😅


My bad, I am not a native English speaker and I was on the impression that both of them can be put under the same umbrella. Thx for the clarification.

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You’re actually right

It would be a hand scythe though

It’s all semantics

I’m just messing with ya😅

You evil, evil man! (or whatever you identify as :P)


So, tested the hammer.

  • 36 damage first light hit
  • 90 damage heavy attack
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Only thing the light has for it is it’s low stamina consumption

Hammer is a 2 heavy down like the axe and can be used for slam which think adds damage to the slam and electricity from what I’ve seen people slamming with it. Have to test

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That’s how the light attacks work with all the melee weapons. The first light attack in the combo doesn’t consume stamina.

This comment probably belongs in the feedback box

I know but because there’s only two hits and the second hit take likes 5% you can get so many swings on Valk with the hammer in particular since elder sword combo’s drain fast.

i hear you about the ranged weapons. I think imho i would be satisfied with variations of the bow, different arrows.
I mean taking it from AC, a light bow (fast but can’t charge), warrior bows (our bow right now), hunter bow ( one that can deploy shit like audio decoys at range with accuracy, or maybe a net arrow), that would make me very happy.

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