Cheater: Unlimited Grenades

EPIC GAMES account: Illfonic.Dev is the name. unlimited grenades , throwing like 5 - 10 at a time

do not play with this uersname.

Another player to avoid is Rombak, he once said i was caca… Even though i’m not…


Even while hacking ,he’s still been killed

2 Likes plays like a kid, he’s actually terrible at the game, he just downloaded CE and use the inbuilt speedhack, i don’t believe his brain has the ability to use anything else in there, hahaha.

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yeh i went too close to see the hax and he lobbed 100 grenades

Not unlimited, also welcome back

Skill issue

Its only 320 grenades

This is not a hack, but an interface vulnerability that can be exploited using an autoclicker. With this, you can also create new gun customizations and assign secondary weapons to the main one. But after each match, the set will be reset.
You can put this player down in melee where he can’t use grenades, or by staying in the trees.