I didn’t know where to put this but (Player Name: Ormagg) on PC placed traps in the building that we were going for like right away from the start of the match… He hadn’t seen us. We hadn’t seen him…

How is that possible? As far as I know the predator doesn’t know where our objectives are??? How did he know? This resulted in the match ending very quickly…

And him placing traps in all the buildings where the objectives were seems odd to me … Or is this just the biggest coincidence ever?

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Which mission? Some of them give themselves away by having thing that only appear during that mission.

After you play so much you memorize where they spawn. Not saying it couldn’t have been cheating if you’re on PC because we all know how PC gamers love their hacks

If you know the mission by playing ft you can do it very easly. For example in derailed and Overgrouth there are two buildings with a door, if the door is closed you know that the mission is there. It’s not cheating, he was just very smart.

I play ft to help with my pred game. After I learn their spawn I set minimal traps at whichever objectives they could possible be doing then just swarm which ever one it ends up being. It’s a game experience thing not cheating or anything

This was the map with the satellite dishes… I don’t remember what it’s called but still… How in the world would he manage to look up all the areas with objectives within 1 minute?

The Spawn Point of the Predator is also a good indicator of where the Fireteam will go.
Most of the time, the Fireteam starts roughly at the opposite side of the map and from there it is quite manageable to find the right place of the Fireteams objective.