“City Demon” Figure

I’m willing to bet City Hunter gets announced as the next DLC or something related to Predator 2. We know JG speaks with NECA and it would t surprise me if they did some kind of cross promotion. What do you guys think?

NECA Figure


I will be genuinely surprised if City Hunter is announced prior to November. Surprised but very happy.

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Seems likely as both parties can benefit here. I have noticed NECA does not do many Fireteam-type Predator figures, only Dutch in various outfits… makes me wonder what Illfonic will do for future Fireteam DLCs.

Would love to see more human characters appear in both mediums from Preds 1 and 2 ultimately.

The NECA emissary predator would be cool since he uses human weapons

They brought out a Hawkins figure for the release of the predator

City hunter always looked bad ass, the neca version with all the weapons and exchangeable hands was pretty sweet. The trophy case from the ship was released aswell but they go for around £200 on ebay when I looked


Nice figure! I’m getting that!

Fuck Fire Team!!!


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I need Neca make a hunting grounds build your own Predator kit.


I just came back from Walmart/Target trying to cop a city demon and the TMNT 4 pack… They didnt have them 😭. Then for fun I checked thenecastore.com and sure enough they sold out in less than 48 mins…
I’m not surprised… it’s ok, I’m not really into the cloaked preds. I did see the albino predator for $100 on eBay but idk… Scarface is pretty enticing…