City Hunter Mask incorrect

There is a slight error with the City Hunter Mask. The City Hunter mask should envelope around the mouth area as shown below:

Picture taken from another poster in the General thread.

This is not the case in the in-game model:


Ok but what did Oprah say when you told her this ?

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Also his eyes should be green.

I expect some fix in the future, they did small model fixes to JH.

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Apparently Oprah is having to consult with DR. Phil before delivering an answer.

ya the scaling is abit off.

Did they use the same shade of copper because no offence @ilfonic but you guys are fucking amateurs if you think I’m gonna be purchasing this cheap knockoff!!

Fix the copper tone or I’m breaking my disc in half.

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Mask seems mostly right, just some of the proportions are off. The Mouth guard is a bit too wide and the head cover is too narrow and not flat & swept back enough.

There’s more than a slight error. The whole bottom of the mask is too wide.


its a bit hard to tell if you cant see anything in those old pictures though.

Ther is more than that - mask is not movie accurate, its shape is more flatten than the original mask and in general it dose not look like the movie mask. However, I can understand its a compromise - it must fit all preds in game, some of them have diffrent haed shapes

I agree. The tiny little thing covering his bottom chin…why not? Hides it well. And maybe fix his…well cover more of his naked ass. I’m almost embarressed to have noticed it too!
And definitely his masks jawline… Abit to here and there! it will be perfect!

His chest plate needs to be higher as well. Showing more muscle

And it looks like there is no break on his mask where the eyes are. It’s one complete visor

The copper tone is none existing too. This was an extremely poor job on the model if I must say

Edit: And his predlocks should be pitch black too I’m pretty sure but I can’t exactly remember

Also the roar is wrong too

Oh it looks like the berserker Predator