City Hunter massive inaccuracy - this is a paid DLC

Illfonic thumbs up for the weapon slots on the new Predator class in game! Most of this new addition is brilliant, however I have to say this predator is not accurately representing the movie original. Please take few minutes to view this 12’ City Hunter

You will notice that the mask is completely different, backpack being much more pronounced, netting missing from left arm and wrist blades much longer. Also they should retract completely to the holster – in current state they do not retract at all, I assume this is a bug.

There were some inaccuracies in your Elder Predator, but since this character was given to us for free – it would be rude to complain about some minor details. The City Hunter however is a paid addition to this game advertised as 97 original from the movie Predator 2 – we as your customers have the right to point out those flaws and request for them to be addressed and corrected. Thanks!



I think we paid for early access and he will be free in next update.

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Nope, early access are his combistick (with broken shaders, but thats understandable - its early access) and wrist launcher. The character is a paid DLC, advertised as 97 City Hunter. And that’s where the issue is - he is not movie accurate. To the point he looks like adiffrent predator, especially his mask. I’m not saying fix it NOW! Quz there are more important things to focus on, but fix it eventually, quz we have paid for Stan’s Winston City Hunter, not some random look-alike

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Early access is always for weapons/gear only.

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Not including alpha predator smh

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Hahahahaha bruh

He’s trolling about alpha lol

Glad some of us still remember this was bullshit


CH’s gear is scheduled to be part of the September dlc. The free portion of that month will come with it.


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Yeah meanwhile everyone defending it smfh

No pleasing city hunter people. It looks fine as it is

nope- it looks diffrent to the original, needs to be fixed

Yes,i really hope they fix city hunter


Come on now. I’m a City Hunter people. And am I pleased with the Jungle Hunter from Predator even though it’s not perfect? Absolutely. Am I pleased with the Elder from Predator 2 even though it’s not perfect? Absolutely.

But when the bottom of the City Hunter mask looks like the Boar instead of City Hunter, when the roar is sampled from the film and they don’t even trim off the medical syringe sound, when it feels like there are glaring issues that were dismissed and half-efforted with something we paid extra money for, then yes, we should speak up.


I feel the same. Other movie preds are almost ok, so its fine, but this one is way off