City Hunter original laser sound add on request

@IllFonic @OldKingHamlet @Courier

Would be really appreciated if you would be able to select different sounds for the targeting laser and lock ons.
The original sound from the City Hunter’s laser and lock on are so iconic, it would be awesome to have it available in the game. The only problem is the voice saying “Keys, you alright?”, but the laser sound doesn’t have to be that long.

Cleaner lock on sound for City Hunter


There is no target lock on in this game

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CH is inaccurate to the movie, sound effects is one of them.

I know. I meant when you hold the fire button down, the rectangle appears and that’s when the lock on sound should play.

Even if it doesn’t actually lock on?

Maybe when you mark them with thermal vision

Could lock on if you “paint the target” e.g. keep your laser on target for 2 seconds. That lock on would be a nice touch for sure

I love this idea.

Even if when holding L2, when you’re aiming the triangle. Different caster latter’s produce their own unique sounds?

Would love to have more customization over that.

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Don’t forget the different visuals he had we need those for other preds

there used to be. I cant remember what version. Maybe 1.8 or 2.0

I dont remember that

I got the game a week after launch tho

Id rather have CH ROARS reworked shit needs to last longer. Looks stupid when its silent and the pred animation is still running through its course

Its a distant memory now but i remember wishing it took less time to lock on. I swear im not crazy 😛