Clash Cutscene Idea!

•So I noticed PHG’s latest game mode Clash doesn’t have any cutscenes (Which I’m not made about) but if they were to add some, I decided what would be cool to add into the game. Or at least how I would see it playing out in the game, could also explain why each team has the Predator on their team. Hope you enjoy!😤•

O.W.L.F Fire-Team (or Voodoo) Intro: The Mercenary band of misfits instead of traveling by Helicopter (Like in Previous Cutscenes) travel by truck. With a mysterious large container with glowing yellow eyes staring at the team till the truck flips from a mine explosion sending the vehicle crashing on its side, forcing the team to take key points while the driver of the truck stays behind looking after a special personnel.

Stargazer Team Intro: The Private army living within the jungle study and transfer not only illegal items but also extra terrestrials, but with as much success going on a certain Mercenary group of a dead company constantly fools with their plans. With the players coming to defend compound being attacked by the team known as Voodoo, and trying to defend what their buyers want to keep for themselves. (Stargazer Team will be dressed as the NPC’s we see in the Hunt Game Mode from what classes they have)

Predator O.W.L.F Intro: The driver of the truck is radioed by a specific member of the Fire-team, and nervously enters the flipped truck to unlock the large container. Inside is the Predator of their choosing or design, who is handed their weapons by the driver and ushered out to help the humans much to the Yautjas dismay.

Predator Stargazer Intro: Within one of the many compounds built by the private army, and within the building is a Yautja with implants and scars covering its body (I believe it should be a separate skin entirely but the classes will have different looks, almost like the designs of the Predators in Concrete Jungle.). With soldiers shocking the Predator out of its Prison to forcibly fight the O.W.L.F Mercs like a puppet controlled by a marionette.

Predator and Fire-team (OWLF) Outro: The Predator roars victoriously thrashing the skull of the slain like a victory trophy, with the mercs laughing and collecting themselves. Having the two alien species looking at each other with a new found respect for each other as warriors.

Predator and Fire-team (Stargazer) Outro: The Predator roars victoriously (Just like in the other cutscene) however the Stargazer soldiers shock or chain the Predator in restraints. Being escorted through the jungle defeated, and dishonored with shame with the Small Army pulse checking dead bodies laughing at the failed attempt of a raid.


Why did you post this twice?

Maybe he is like that girl in the movie 50 First Dates, where he experiences the same day over and over again and doesn’t remember what happened the day before.

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You were supposed to day “I didn’t!”

Ugh…such a wasted opportunity

You can tell just how much Illfonic cares about this game judging from their last “content” update. It’s completely lackluster and wildly unbalanced. They did this mode not because they planned it, but because this community wanting it which in itself isn’t terrible. Though ultimately the way they put it into the game was just a rushed response to our wanted this mode. You can easily tell this mode was constructed with no balance and no difference in mechanics. Which in turn is a very poor move on Illfonics part

Ngl, but it sounds like you haven’t played Clash much at all. Predator Stats are different and perk mechanics are adjusted, such as no Second Wind/ Second Wind Perks being useless and changes to other Perks like Predator’s Observant or Fireteam’s Persistent.

If Illfonic truly didn’t care and wanted to run, we’d still be on Patch 1.0

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I’d be down for a similar cut scenes to your recommendations, but I actually don’t think the predators have to feature in them.

We are due for a rematch soon. Let’s make it happen. Also, Old King Hamlet responded to our video of getting killed by lag. Hopefully, that won’t be an issue in the future.

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Yea I know about those changes, but unlike actually changing the way the mechanics fundamentally work all that is is just changing numbers and disabling certain things. Which is by absolutely no means different. I’ve played enough of clash to know it was a sloppy rush of a game mode they never thought out properly. Not to mention garbage frame rates and all other bugs in the game mode.

Yea bud! Totally it was cut way short wasn’t it? But yea hopefully the post gets somewhere