Ok devs, we tryed to make 3 games in Clash in Private Match 4 vs 4 with friends. And this is the result:

  • we couldnt finish even one game without any crash or black screen

  • every game at least 3 people were completely invisible and no one could see them

  • in the First game I was invisible and I tryed to suicide my self with a barrel to restore the stability. As soon as I shot to the barrel and let it blows, my game crashed

  • the frame rate is over control, it drops to 15 when you are fighting with multiple people

  • in the second game my friend couldnt see other players in lobby , but we were there

If you played that mode , it’s gonna be impossibile that you haven’t experienced those bugs at least once. So dont ask me for footage, because you just need to open your Pc and play for 15 minutes you will see almost all of the bugs I mentioned. @Courier @OldKingHamlet hope you will be able to fix that because the new mode is already dead online.


There are some pretty heafty frame drops for PS4 as well.

Hoping for an optimization fix or a dedicated server boost?

Having some molasses level drops in Hunt as well…

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