Clash was a miss

So I can load into FT for hunt in 10 seconds flat, but a clash takes 5 minutes to find… not that I want to play clash. BUT can we all finally admit this was a miss and stop lying to ourselves? The proof is right there. It’s a number. This is not subjective. Clash is FAR less played than hunt. Wonder why? Maybe because it’s not a mode anyone remotely asked for

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Played some earlier literally just to change it up.
Did like 4 matches or 3 with two other ppl and it then it got boring.

Tho it only took a minute or two to get in.
Not 5 min.

That said tho, I agreement no one asked for clash lol.
I really wish they had just made a 2v8 mode at the very least.


Hip lol

What is clash?


Clash is pretty fun but it needs a layer of polish. Like you should be able to drop into games after ppl drop out. and also into and outro would be cool. Game starts and ends so suddenly. You feel very little dramatic impact. Otherwise the grenade buff is awesome, ppl be flying after explosions, its awesome.


Sort of off topic but I get a sneaky feeling the new game mode gauntlet is going to be a type of free for all battle… I originally hoped clash was going to be some sort of coop pred vs FT… I hope the new game mode will be fun.

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