Classic Illfonic

Safe to say that your customers are not satisfied with your efforts to implement the bone mask, and most other content.

As I have said a number of times on forums here, I and many others feel that we deserve some communication from Illfonic to address the sorely lacking content and quality, as well as the numerous bugs and glitches that remain unfixed while you shuffle on to the next cash cow, Arcadegeddon (which, no, I wouldn’t buy and nor would I recommend it to others because of how Illfonic disrespects its customers).

Many of us, including myself, have been playing since this game launched. We dedicated our time and money to you, and have been spat on in return.
So please, Illfonic, tell us what’s happening and if there’s a way to fix these issues. PHG is a fun game, we love the Predator franchise and want it to succeed. Communicate with us, and maybe this is something we can all fix together.

Thanks for your time, and I hope you’re well.


Unfortunately, they look at this and they know its fucked. They don’t need help identifying what’s wrong, they just do not care as long as the producer doesn’t call them out on it.

They can change netting or whatever months later because they have no concept of deadlines. Illfonic needs a giant company breathing down its neck to do anything properly.

Surely they can find a replacement for the guy they recently brought in who’s designing all these giant fucked up masks? tf


You’re not wrong man, any fan here with common sense will agree with you.

However not to be the negative nancy here but I really don’t think IllFonic is gonna blind side us out of nowhere with a huge update of fixes and additions, or announce they’re wrong doings and explain anything after two whole years of tunnel vision and not giving a fuck.

Don’t get me wrong, the predator fan in me has a shred of hope. I really want these guys to pull a hail marry and make this game good by adding the stuff we’ve been begging for since clash, being more maps, modes, and DEFINITELY bug fixes. To prove me and everyone else giving them a hard time, rightfully so, wrong and make things right.

But I mean…shit…its been a year and a half since clash, and these guys got Arcadegeddon with Ghostbusters on the way and whole other fan bases to milk…I just don’t see it anymore…