Cleo disc bug

happened to me as well. i even try to pilot my predator. because you can still control him despise the disc being your only view and try to retrive my disc…IT DIDNT WORK. @Courier @OldKingHamlet so yeah if guys can take care of that quickly that could be nice x’)

Remember when the bow was been broken for 6 months? Hello, new bow


Didn’t Riktigt Risig report this Bug months ago already? lol

its not the same and its worst XDDD

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Illfonic can do one thing right, create the furthest predator experience to fan expectation as possible, while generating more and more bugs that go unfixed each and every single update, despite them saying they fix them in patches.

Players borderline have no working audio in a ton of games, mechanics are still janky as fuck and they act non-the-wiser because they still have people paying into their game.



Christ, they’ve broken you


I didn’t even buy cleo. I’m not going to either.

I’m done supporting them, while they continue to leave a ton of other content creators (including myself) and just the entirety of the community in this shadow of doubt that the game will get any better. This is it.

Then I got 1-2ed thinking I could score a Cleo code on their stream.

Only for Americans. How did I literally think they would do anything differently?

Guess I’ve been the perfect idiot to digest their product.

Good thing I’ve smartened up


I think we should merge the two threads

So their game sucks , but you are also upset you didn’t get a code? 😄 . If it makes you feel any better even the people who paid for it had to wait

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Thank you for reporting this issue we will look into it.


Anyone who bought this, is beyond far gone

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We all know you are too far gone , little facial hair does that to a man

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Their every code giveaway I’ve tried was US only.
I guess at Illfonic, the game was sold only in US lol

It’s a 20th century thing probs.

Aliens fte ps5 contest on igns Twitter says the same thing.

Will continue to drink my maple syrup inside my igloo :)

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