clll2 is pain in the ass

so @clll2 is a pain in the ass

so first he got away bro just take the L

second that was not a exploit it was Unleashed dmg play ft and you will see

third that was me to fast for ya

now last but not last you got cooked you could of ran but no

so ya more to come

your stats are made up. stop your incoherent drivel! So you learned how to upload videos to reddit. Im a fuckyouup de ass.

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bro i can hate him if i want

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lol this guy

bro you complain about everything you cant be talking

I’m almost feel like these two are one in the same

hold hold. me not the same as that dude :)

ya we not i don’t cry about bugs that will never get fixed

Who knows, maybe they will fix them.

nice, u kinda just admitted they are “bugs”. I understand your frustration that they did not get fixed yet. Honestly I am not having high expectation on Illfonic now either, but why not lets see?